Productwize has been formed in 2021. to support the learning and development of anyone interested in topics related to development of technical products.

Productwize was formed by two cofounders, trainers and coaches,

Bojan Milutinović and Ana Pegan.

Bojan Milutinović

Bojan Milutinović is an Agile Coach and SAFe trainer, with 12 years of experience in IT industry and 4 years experience as a trainer.

Bojan is a SAFe Program Consultant, Kanban Management Professional, one of handfull Certified Scrum Professionals in Serbia. He’s a holder of Management 3.0 and Agile Project Management certificates. Coaching is his passion, along with gamification and agile metrics. Bojan has a vast applied knowledge in Lean and Agile company wide transformations.

There have been over 150 people prepared for different SAFe certifications by Bojan and over 70 gamified workshops held covering a wide range of team related and product development topics.

Ana Pegan

Ana Pegan is a Principal Product Manager with over 20 years in IT industry from FinTech companies, outsourcing agencies, startups, consumer and B2B products. Wether she’s working in large companies or startups, Ana loves creating products people love. She’s the main organiser of Serbian Product Community and has a large number of trainings and workshops behind her on different product and organisation related topics.

The Agile Product Management course relies on the power of Design Thinking to develop innovative solutions. Learn the right mindset, skills, and tools to create successful products using Agile techniques.

Recognize how Continous Product Discovery fuels innovation and helps you define a product vision, strategy and roadmap to tap into new markets and grow in existing ones. Find out how to approach the product life cycle to get fast and early feedback and quickly deliver exceptional products and solutions that delight customers. All this while you’re aligning with your organization’s strategy, portfolio, evolving architecture and solution.

The Agile Product Management (Basic) course will help you learn the right mindset, skills and tools to work with teams to deliver products using Agile approach.

Recognize how Continous Product Discovery fuels innovation and helps you define a the right problem to solve, who you’re solving it for, how to make sure it’s both usable and feasible, but also viable on the market. Find out how to define the scope, split it into iterations by defining goals, plan the overall iteration work with team and help the team with spliting the work and planing it into sprints. All this while you’re aligning with your product vision, strategy and Roadmap as well as the product goals for the upcoming period(OKR).