“Product Development” (Blue Room)

“Product Development” – big ideas related to product development
For Product Leaders, Senior Designers, Senior Product Manager/Owner, Tech Leads, Managers, Leaders, big product ideas should be your first address to uncover how to grow your product, expand your business offer and innovate.

Esmar Mešić

Head of Product at Emaar Properties PJSC Dubai

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is a vital part of any organization since there is always room for improvements and growth, which is directly tied with revenue and profit. He believes that growth hacking should be intentional for every company, not just small startups without the budget, and definitely not a side project in any organization, no matter the scale of it. Esmar will showcase his latest efforts on growth hacking initiative which he built in his current organization showing practical and real life examples.

About Esmar

Esmar has building tech products for 15 years and has been working for Fortune 500 companies and successful startups, launching various B2B and B2C products, impacting more than 200 million end users. Currently, he is heading product development for EMAAR, claiming themselves as a biggest real estate developer in the world, the company that stands behind Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Innovation Ecosystem: Igniting New Product Development

As company leaders, we expect our people to be more innovative and entrepreneurial, to come up with new great solutions and products for our customers, grew new markets and ideally even create something that is completely transformative and radically different. But we fail to realize that innovation requires a different set of prerequisites, conditions, mindset and ways of working compared to “business as usual”. Even more importantly, we fail to realize that for innovation to make a meaningful business impact, we need to have in place  leadership support, strategic guidance, adequate portfolio management and resource allocation and process management etc. All of these are elements of the innovation ecosystem we need to ignite new product development.

About Sandra

Sandra is passionate about helping businesses discover various ways to create and deliver value to their customers. She dedicated her career to consulting clients on how to think about new growth creators, while helping them develop a sustainable innovation capability and culture. At ICT Hub, Sandra serves as a personal Yoda to a team of business designers, strengthening their individual talents through various projects and educational programs she masterminds in order to advance ICT Hub’s innovation practices.

An Associate Professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications, Sandra has also published a number of articles in academic journals on management, innovation management and entrepreneurship.

Sandra Nešić

Head of Innovation Consultancy at ICT Hub, Belgrade

Jovan Soldatović

Managing Partner at BAD SISTEMS

Digital Boutique – Stop and shop

Value – A key metric of any digital product. How do we recognize it, how do we exploit it, where do we find it? Why a boutique shop? What are pros/cons ? How do you fund the product and why would you even try to do that?

About Jovan

As a entrepreneur and engineer, Jovan combines his unique skill-set and experience to create entertaining content, incubate successful technology silos, and build strategic business relationships.

PANEL – Scale-up, is the product enough for the up?

The main question we want the panelists to answer is: is the product enough for the business to scale-up?

We will look at the question from different angles, both from the point of view of the product itself and the team behind it. 

The panelists will share their experiences on scaling the whole business and the different challenges they faced and how they solved them.

Panel participants:

Darko Videnov, Auto Hub – Infostud grupa

Ilija Studen, CEO Active Collab

Martin PelclCEO DaiBau grupe

Stefan SredojevićCo-founder and COO Anari.ai

About Olga

Over 20 years of experience in developing business in some of the most successful Serbia classifieds and transactional business. All thanks to a combination of math and communication. phD candidate in multidisciplinary studies at the University of Belgrade, dedication

Olga Mirković Maksimović

COO at Videobolt

Lisa Mo Wagner

Head of Consumer & Apps at moebel.de

Strategic Skills for Product Leaders

Anyone can learn a framework like OKRs for example, to be the best product leader you need more than that! You need the strategic skills to lead without authority, to inspire and to empower. Let’s talk about how to become the most successful product leader while balancing stakeholder, team member and customer needs easily.


  • You need to communicate the purpose, direction, and team norms and values clearly and often. If you sound like a broken record, you’re doing it right. •
  • Anything strategic relates to identifying long-term goals and the means to achieve them. Anything tactical is aimed at small-scale actions. Your strategic skills are what we often refer to as soft skills.
  • Examples for strategic skills are clear communication, writing, presenting, giving developmental feedback, story telling, facilitation, or coaching.
  • Your mindset and emotional intelligence are the keys to making you really great at these skills.
  • You need to balance tactical and strategic skills to be the best product person
About Lisa

Lisa is a product person with a strong focus on inclusive and empowering product management. She believes the most effective product leaders excel at strategic skills like empathy, listening and facilitation. Put your team first and trust they will put your customer first. Her 8 years of experience range from early-stage startups to corporates in Europe and Canada across industries like retail, ad tech, e-commerce, and fintech.

No Estimate

Many scrum teams struggle with estimations and so did mine. Story points, man days, scaling. What is a story point? How to find the best task for reference?
So we decided to try something different. To try not to estimate, but use historical data instead.
Come and hear more about our jurney.

About Lazar

Experienced Product Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in requirement analyzis, agile development, saying no when necessary. Getting things done person.

Lazar Milović

Service Delivery Manager at Symphony

“Product Organisation” (Yellow Room)

“Product Organisation” – growing a product organisation
If you’re a Leader, Manager, Scrum Master, Engineering Manager, Team/Tech lead, Project/Delivery Manager you could find topics in growing of product organisation interesting to explore.

Ognjen Pejović

IT Manager SW Engineering and Business Solutions at Robert Bosch

Human factor as cornerstone of innovation

  • Discovering a myths behind people behavior in innovation process on different horizons
  • Learn to walk between different worlds after agile & digital transformation in your newly established network organization
  • Shaping role and competences of the leaders to build adaptable thinking in people to reach innovation potentials promised by agile and digital transformation.
  • Establish culture of cleverness and grow strong team members to drive innovation
About Ognjen

A Master of Organizational sciences with 7 years of experience working with multicultural teams as an Agile practitioner, trainer, transformer and on a journey to become a coach. Trying to build a bridge and explain that Agile and Digital Transformation is actually one thing. Let’s break down together paradigms and establish Agile Thinking culture to drive digital and cultural change. Commercial frameworks and buzzwords will change, what will stay are people. Would like to contribute to establishing of Adaptable Thinking Culture where we will focus on individuals and their possibility to grow and adapt a mindset. Change starts from the top, but it is driven bottom.

Scaling agile starts with the product

Product is a vehicle for delivering value to the customer, fulfilling the purpose of an organization. If you want to scale Agile or have agile organization, a key step is clearly and skillfully defining the product. This definition shapes the organization: flow of information, structure, what a feature team is etc.

About Miloš

I believe that agility creates a fantastic opportunity to be fully human – at work, at home, anywhere. I support individuals, teams and organizations to create environments for human expression and increase their agility by combing professional coaching, agile expertise, system thinking and mindfulness. My experience spans different cultures, industries and teams: from InsuranceTech startup, through humanitarian learning solutions team, HR teams to IT outsourcing companies transforming into end to end solution providers. I am Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach, Certified LeSS Practitioner and certified cognitive behavioral coach.
Screen reader support enabled. 

Miloš Zeković

Agile Coach

Bogdan Doroslovac

Expert Embedded Engineer and Agile Coach at Zühlke Group

Matching Impedance – Closing gap between development and business


About Bogdan


Who drives an Agile Production?

In my career, I have seen Scrums and “Scrums.” I have seen companies buzzing with words from Agile handbooks that are bleeding time and money all over the place with producing very little, and I have seen teams that are Agile to the bone but have never heard of Agile and Scrum. There are lot of bad practices in efforts which people label as Agile, and most of it stem from misinterpretations of who is doing what in an Agile production and why.

About Rade

With 24+ years of work experience, out of which 20+ in IT, I had the opportunity to work and lead people in both product-oriented companies and predominately outsource companies. I had worked in Scrum; I had worked in Waterfall, and I had worked in all the processes and frameworks in between. However, I am and always shall be a true Scrum believer and evangelist.

Rade Radumilo

Product Owner at Optimal Systems

Tanja Petrović

Business Line Owner at Umlaut

How to do Agile in a Waterfall organization

Doing Agile development is challenging enough – but what do you do when the rest of your organization is following Waterfall-like principles? How to define your outcomes and get the buy in from the audience if there are no OKRs? And how can we even tell if we’re staying true to Agile principles? Through the eyes of a product person, I will tell you about key learnings that I picked up on my professional path, as well as provide a few tips and tricks that help me remain Agile even near the Waterfalls.

About Tanja

Engineer by education, spent almost a decade managing projects, before finding my true passion in product development. Currently leading Network Testing product portfolio at Umlaut, with a dream of helping the mobile operators raise the bar of excellence in their services. Mother of 2, passionate skier , almost a singer.

“Product Keywords” (Red Room)

“Product Keywords” – hands on tools used for product development.
Product Owners, Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Engineers, QA, Designers should be looking into hands on tools used for product development.

Workforce Transformation and Automation

We will be discussing how automation is changing workplace with the specific focus on why workforce transformation is in a focus. This subject can help product developers to focus on building new innovative solutions that address decrease of productivity world wide and propose solutions around intelligent automation.

About Mladen

Mladen Milanovic is Vice President of Engineering responsible for Presidio’s Global RPA Program. Mladen has 20+ years of experience in contact center industry leading presales, post-sales, project management, and custom application development groups. In recent years Mladen is focused on workforce transformation and automation.

Mladen Milanović

Vice President Engineering at Presidio

Bojan Kocijan

Senior UX/UI Designer at digital.ai

Collaboration Designer, PM, Developer – It’s a team effort

The journey from making designs accessible, using best patterns, and implementing those in an agile way into the products. We are tackling a challenge of unifying eight+ tools under the same brand, bringing the way to work fast and build consistency into the products and our customer’s experience. – accessibility in product (basic color and keyboard accessibility) – What is design system ? (design pattern library (UI Kit), code components and documentation)

About Bojan

I’ve started my journey back in 2005 as a graphic designer and used to build websites (in Flash) as a side project. During the last 15 years, I went through a journey of “make it pretty” and serving developers with assets, to the many opportunities that lead me to be a part of teams responsible for solving complex business problems through innovation, design thinking, and applying Agile methodolo

Prototypes and team health as the recipe to customer happiness

I will talk about one innovative project that was developed on behalf of UK customers. Our product managers were actively involved in the design of the whole project, from services to user experience.
During the development strong collaboration between product team and customers was demonstrated, as also collaboration between two teams from different product lines.
The main pinch were series of prototypes held recurringly where the user could gain insight and give additional suggestions on the product.
Screen reader support enabled. 

About Monika

I am a product Manager for Generation Management System applications in Schneider Electric company. I am with the company for 9 years. My trip to this role started with programming the control and monitoring of distribution resources inside distribution network. Two years later I was one of Subject Meter Experts for different projects worldwide and also the technical face for software presentations to potential customers. After the maternity leave I started to work as Product Manager in ADMS Transmission part of the company. All the experience with customers and potential customers gave me the wider picture of our solution and how important is the communication with them with the accent on giving them the true value they need.

Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com

Monika Jović

Product Manager at Schneider Electric DMS NS LLC Novi Sad

Marija Batić

Service Delivery Manager at Symphony

How to relate to your users and validate your product idea

Before creating the product the key element is researching your users. By discovering who they really are and empathizing with them your chance for success grows. Once you’re sure about that and when your product is completed the next step is to validate your product idea. In this lecture, you’ll be able to hear more about those two key steps.

About Marija

Marija works as Service Delivery Manager in Symphony. She’s active in the startup community, where she works on connecting startup leaders, community builders, and key support organizations in Serbia, within her role as Startup Genome Ambassador. She worked in various roles in the IT industry from customer support to sales and marketing, as well as project management. That diversity gave her a wider picture of the industry and it helps her a lot in her everyday job.

Jobs to Be Done

What a group of people is trying to accomplish in a given situation? How are you as a Product Manager going through various perspectives of Jobs-to-be-Done. What tools you could use to examine your customers’ jobs. Know how to describe product features.

About Bojan

Authorized instructor for ICP-LEA (Leading with Agility) and ICP-BAF (Shiftup Business Agility & Innovation Leader Workshop). ICP-ACC Agile Coach skilled in Team Growing, Business Value Add, LEAN Startup, SCRUM, and Project Management with a demonstrated history of working in the IT, Fintech, Airline, Travel industry for the development of SaaS models through the whole project life cycle. 15 years of experience working with matrix teams in an international environment. Building positive relationships with all stakeholders.

Bojan Smuđa

Scrum Master at FIS